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The Seasons

The Seasons

Genre :
Hubert Chiasson : Vocals Guitar Keyboards
Julien Chiasson : Vocals Guitars Keyboards
Rémi Bélanger : Drums and Percussion
Samuel Renaud : Bass

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    1. 1. Apples
    2. 2. Copernicus
    3. 3. Kitsch Trick
    4. 4. The Way It Goes
    5. 5. Velvet Wedding



    The Seasons came to exist in Beauport, Quebec in the winter of 2011.

    The Chiasson brothers Hubert & Julien (vocals & guitars) had a desire to share the collection of hooks and melodies churning in their minds with the world. So, Julien called up Remi (drums & percussion) who brought along Sam (bass) and the band was formed. The chemistry was instantaneous. After a few weeks in their parents’ basement, a fully grown batch of original songs were brewed and they realized immediately that they were part of something bigger then themselves. These “apples” needed to be shared.

    They booked their first gig and realized they needed a name. A bunch of ideas were tossed around but it was the name The Seasons that stuck.

    The Seasons played their first show for friends and became aware that they needed a larger venue. A quick succession of sold-out local shows followed as the word of their talent continued to spread.

    Their home video for “Apples” was made with a few artist friends and released on YouTube in Summer 2012 further increasing their notoriety.

    The band met the producer Stephane Rancourt (who also produces Pascale Picard and Jean Leloup) in Spring 2012 at the Ampli (a creative collective for emerging artists). Together, they began working on “Apples” and a collection of other songs for an independent seven song EP called “Velvet” released in June 2013.

    The EP immediately captured the hearts of their devoted fans and attracted the attention of music critics and media alike getting them mentioned in no less than 5 top ten lists of bands to watch out for in 2014. As their fan base grew, a bidding war between several major and independent labels broke out resulting in a record deal with Vega/Universal and a booking contract with the world renowned Agency Group in November 2013.

    Four of the songs from Velvet were re-recorded and re-released as the Velvet EP. In January 2014 “Apples” is the first single to make its way to the top 50 of the BDS in its first week and is still climbing the charts. After a period of feverish work, they just released their full length debut album: PULP. Everything has fallen into place. It’s time for The Seasons to shine.