13 Mars 2012

25 April 2011

New album : Here's to you. Songs for Shirley Horns


New album release in Quebec, 26 of April.


Album coming soon in France, fall 2011.


TErez Montcalm will be performing at 7PM at the Club Soda on June 30th. She will be taking the stage during the Festival de Jazz International de Montréal.


The artist about her new album


This album is the result of many musical meetings. My first musical encounter with Shirley Horn came at the age of 17 when I bought her album Travelin' Light. I listened to it over and over for years? and I'm still listening!


Since then, Shirley Horn has always been with me, been part of my daily routine, spoken to me. I listen mostly to jazz, many different singers, and I always come back to Shirley. Listening to her music makes me happy, it's as simple as that. Another musical encounter, many years later, was what instigated this project: when I signed recently with Universal and Jean-Philippe Allard, we discovered our mutual passion for this artist over lunch. Jean-Philippe Allard produced many of her albums and knew her very well, so he had many anecdotes to tell about her. A few weeks after that lunch, he suggested that I record this album.


It was a real surprise, and it turned out to be a dream come true. We both know Shirley Horn's repertoire so well that the choice of songs became clear very quickly, and so did the choice of musicians, the producer, and the studio. It was all very intense and at the same time very simple, as though some mysterious energy was carrying the project along.


We spent three magnificent days in Connecticut recording the album. The takes were so quick and so natural that no-one could believe what was happening?many of the songs were recorded in a single take. It was a high point that I will remember for a long time.


Among other pleasures, I got to work with Steve Williams, Shirley Horn's drummer. This was another great encounter, both musically and personally. They played together for 27 years and she called him her soul-mate. The funniest thing is that over the years I've showed videos of Steve Williams to my own drummers and asked them to play like him!





I played a little guitar on this album, to add a personal touch above and beyond my voice. I worked on the arrangements with Gil Goldstein. I hope that this album gives listeners as much pleasure as I had in making it!


I hope to contribute in my own way to the possibility that new generations and a new audience will discover old jazz songs and love them. That's all I really wish for.